Got Solar?  West Day Village Does!




It’s easy to see that energy efficiency was a top priority as we planned West Day Village. With features like dual-glazed, low-E windows, gas ovens and stoves, and LED lighting in every unit, we’ve gone the extra distance to achieve some of the most efficient apartment homes in Kern County. Now we’re doubling down on that investment. West Day Village is adding solar!

This means two big things for all of our residents. First, as West Day Village residents, you will enjoy the benefits of living in some of the most energy efficient apartment homes in Kern County. Second, you will have more money in your pockets. West Day Village is going to pass the energy savings back to you.

Solar Power…just one more way that West Day Village makes Living Easy.


How Solar Works

The solar panels produce DC electricity that run through an inverter to produce AC electricity. This energy flows into the AC power panel to power your apartment home. Energy that is not utilized is diverted back to the utility grid, in which property owners can receive credit through net metering programs from your local power companies and pass the savings back to you.

During the day extra solar power is exported back to the electricity grid, which creates a financial credit through net metering. At night, the property draws power back from the electricity grid in the normal way.


Advantages Of Solar


HOUSEHOLD 1: No solar panels


Will use about 7200 kWh per Year
Will pay about $1317 per Year
Will generate about 6.6 Tons of CO2

HOUSEHOLD 2: With solar panels


Will use about 4042 kWh per Year
Will pay about $825 per Year
Will generate about 3.7 Tons of CO2



The energy received by each unit will vary due to fluctuating sunlight levels, weather patterns and the total number of kWh used.  The actual monthly energy production would be nearly impossible to calculate; however, the chart below depicts potential energy production broken down by month.

Actual production could vary widely, and there is no promise as to the actual production. The figures provided, including any estimated saving are based on averages and could differ from actual savings in dollars, CO2 and kWh used.  Power consumption can vary dramatically from one household to another.  For this reason there can be no promise or guarantee of savings. Each tenant of West Day Village is responsible for his or her own electrical bill.  Any questions regarding your energy utility bill should be
directed to your energy provider.